The Dumbest Person on Earth – Deal or No Deal Edition

Watching Deal or No deal tonight, I watched what is by far the dumbest decision I have ever seen on television.

With three cases left, there was $.01, $5000, and $1million still up. She was offered something like $300k. Now this is the one spot I can see someone rolling the dice and going for it. You have a 2/3 chance of increasing your payout.

She gambles, and opens the $.01.

So the banker offers her $530,000 with the $5000 and the million left.

So basically she walks away with $5000, $530,000, or $1million.


She gambled $530,000 to win $470,000.

Justice prevails, and she opens her case for $5,000. I don’t think I would want a person this stupid walking around with that type of money anyways.

Koshka Blagburn, you’re an idiot.

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9 Responses to “ The Dumbest Person on Earth – Deal or No Deal Edition ”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Hahaha I was also watching this live… what a dumbass

  2. Chante Says:

    I beg to differ with both of you! Deal or No Deal’s (DOND) season 4 premier of Koshka Blagburn was the most exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, and courageous show I have ever seen on DOND. This show was like no other show DOND has EVER had. Koshka may have turned down $530,000 but she is on her way to be in the Broadway show Hairspray, and she will have a private audition for Bernard Telsey in an upcoming new musical. Although I don’t think Koshka needs another audition, test, or try-out, to introduce herself because she basically auditioned and showed her talents on the show. Everybody can see that Koshka is very talented. She has a great voice and her character and personality is loved by the audience. You can’t say she didn’t have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning of the show to the end. She should have won the million dollars but she didn’t. Perhaps broadway is the better deal. We will have to wait and see the outcome. She is a great commodity for any entertainment industry and it would be foolish to not give her the opportunity to be on a sitcom, a movie, and theater/broadway! I LOOK FOWARD TO SEEING KOSHKA BLAGBURN ON BROADWAY!

  3. John Holloway Says:

    lol that is why I don’t watch deal or no deal… the people on the show make the greediest decisions… it’s sad. And LOL at the previous comment.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Gamble to win, lol :D

  5. Barbara Says:

    I am still thinking about this show. I wonder how many times a day she wants to kick herself in the butt. Her and O.J. must be the stupidest people on earth, how can you turn down $530,000 with the possibililty of getting a .01 when does common sense kick in? You,re so right Brandon she had a sure $530,000 if she had the million dollar case she would have lost $470,000 but still the biggest winner. Her brain was on overload and she had meltdown, what with the broadway offers, her friends screaming all kinds of decisions at her, the audience yelling, Aretha calling it just wiped out her brain cells, she must of felt she was in a surreal world where it was her time and nothing could go wrong, but Koshka $530,000 (you can take it and walk) yet you take a chance on risking it all and you could have gotten a .01 is definitely a numbskull move. Hope they like you on Broadway (if they can still respect you for making such a dumb decision).

  6. Octavarium64 Says:

    Brandon obviously did not actually watch the show. If the offers are not correct, your entire reasoning is invalid. Since the Broadway offer was a focal point of the whole show, it would be impossible to forget it…unless someone is not as smarter-than-thou as he claims to be.

  7. HEEHEE Says:

    But she didn’t want money, she wanted to lose weight and be on Broadway. Unlike some, I don’t think she was a greedy person. :|

  8. James Says:

    I just saw this show on reruns for the first time. Yes that was about the dumbest decision a human could make. I thought maybe it was fixed for a moment, but that is doubtful. A walk on role or audition on broadway may be a nice 15 minutes of fame, but with 500K (or 170K from the earlier deal) she could audition for YEARS in NY or LA and have the means to do so. She and her family, except for the one friend telling her to take the deal…are all idiots. I agree at that point they don’t deserve the money. Enough said.

  9. Marcus Says:

    Lol at some of these people saying what she did was ok. Are you dumb?

    I just watched this show on rerun and googled her name and found this. What I didn’t find on google is any info about her being a broadway star. So obviously it was just as stupid of a decision now as this brandon guy said it was 2 years ago.

    I bet she would trade that one set up audition for $500,000 in a heart beat right now.

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